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How do I cancel a request?

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ILLiad will only allow you to cancel a request that is at the status of "Awaiting Request Processing" or "Awaiting Copyright Clearance".  To cancel a request:
  1. At the main ILLiad screen, under the outstanding transacitons heading, click on the transaction number of the request you wish to cancel.
  2. The request will be displayed and two options should appear at the upper left of the screen.  One says "Cancel Request" and the other says "Edit Request".  Click on "Cancel Request".
  3. ILLiad will give you the following confirmation upon a successful cancellation: "Request Cancelled.  You can resubmit cancelled requests from the View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests option below."
Once a request has left "Awaiting Request Processing" or "Awaiting Copyright Clearance", it is no longer able to be cancelled in the above fashion. To cancel a request that has already been sent, you must send an e-mail to with "Cancel Request" in the subject line and provide the transaction number of the request you would like to cancel. From there, an ILL staff member will cancel your request.