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Where are the journals?

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In the Kornhauser Library, journals are shelved in alphabetical order by title. Issues dating since 2000 are located on the south side of the building on the entrance level (2nd floor). Earlier issues (1960-1999) are on the upper level (3rd floor). Older journals (pre-1960) are in Basement Storage. Some older materials may also be in the Robotic Retrieval System (RRS) at Ekstrom Library.

[NOTE: Journals whose titles contain the name of an organization are often shelved by the name of the organization. For example, PNAS, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is shelved as National Academy of Sciences, Proceedings. Also, watch out for the word "the" in the middle of the title: it will be used in the alphabetization; e.g., the journal whose official abbreviation is Am J Med Sci is the American Journal of the Medical Sciences. And many journals are using their initials as their title, so that the Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition is shelved as JPEN.] Ask at the Circulation or Information Desks or
consult the catalog for the locations of older journals and how to retrieve them.