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What types of materials are in the Kornhauser History Collections?

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The History Collections at Kornhauser Library houses historical manuscripts and rare books documenting the evolution of medical training and health care practices in Kentucky during the 19th and 20th centuries.  The over 175 collections include records of the UofL School of Medicine from its establishment in 1837, along with those of four other Louisville medical colleges absorbed by U of L in 1908.
We also hold records of the schools of dentistry, nursing, and public health.  Records of local and state hospitals, health departments, medical societies and other professional organizations are also preserved.  Manuscript collections contain personal papers of Kentucky physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, and health administrators, many of whom have achieved national prominence in their fields.   

In more than 175 years of operation, the library has amassed a fine collection of rare medical and scientific books and journals, antique medical and dental instruments, and other artifacts.  The rare books include subject areas in neurology and psychiatry; phrenology, hypnotism; Charles Caldwell; anesthesia; and ophthalmology.