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How do I place an item on hold in Eksrom Access and User Services?

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A hold is what you want if you want to make sure that an item is available when you need it for your class. We will accept a hold request up to six months ahead of the item’s need date. We highly recommend placing items on hold as soon as you know you will need it because we cannot guarantee an item will be available. Once placed on hold for you the item will be reserved for one month. Items not claimed after this time will be moved back into general circulation. We only have one copy of most of our items so the first person who requests a hold will be the one who receives it. Items are formally placed on hold one week prior to the hold request date. Holds may not always be fulfilled due to unforeseen issues, such as checkout prior to hold processing, or if the item is missing or lost.


Holds can only be placed by faculty and staff. SGA films are not eligible for hold requests unless a clear need is evident. AUS staff will determine need on a case-by-case basis in consultation with the AUS Coordinator. AUS reserves the right to cancel or change holds without notice, at the discretion of the Access and User Services Coordinator.

To place a hold on an item you can either come to Ekstrom Access and User Services desk and fill out a paper hold form or use the electronic hold form.  You can call us if you have questions at 852-6757.