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How do I print from a computer as a visitor to the library?

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Visitors can purchase a print card from a vending station for $2.00. Additional money needs to be added on to print. Black and white copies costs 11 cents per page. Color copies cost 35 cents per page.

Ask at the service desk of the library you're visiting for the location of the vending stations. Follow the steps below to add money for printing.

  1. Find a vending station and add money to the card.
  2. Send your print job from any computer in the building.
  3. Create a unique job title and password when prompted at the computer.
  4. Go to a UniPrint station and swipe your card with the barcode facing you.
  5. Select the title you assigned to your print job, type in the password.
  6. Pick up your print job at the printer.
  7. Don't forget to log off the UniPrint station after printing.